Using pcadapt to detect local adaptation

Upload Sample List

Please attach sample ID and grouping information in the text box below (as shown in the example). You can select the sample information from here. Users can define their own grouping, but can not modify the sample ID. Please use letters, numbers, and underlines to define your group names instead of other characters (spaces, etc), or directly use the group information provided by us.

Please enter optimal k value:

Note: If you have prior knowledge of the population structure, the optimal K = GroupNumber - 1. Otherwise, you can try to run the pipeline twice. For the first time, you can just use the file of PCA.ScreePlot.ScorePlot.pdf to choice the optimal K (In this step, when you select a large number of individuals, you can set K = 20. If the number of individuals you selected is less than 20, please set K = individual numbers - 1, to explore the optimal K). For the second time, you can enter the optimal K value to get Manhattan plot, and the files of p-values and outlier that involved in adaptation.


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