Welcome to the Sheep Variantion Database

Sheep is an important livestock species, which has provided meat, wool, skin, and milk for humans. Characterization of genome-wide sequence variation and identification of phenotype-associated functional variants are essential steps for guidance of sheep molecular breeding programs. Here, we developed a comprehensive sheep variation database (sheepVar) that hosts ~83M SNPs and ~7M Indels derived from 1116 samples of seven wild sheep relatives and 135 domestic sheep breeds. The sheepVar provides five main functionalities: “Search SNPs”, “Search Indels”, “Genome Browser”, “Alignment Search Tools (BLAT/BLAST)”, and a Genome Coordinate Conversion Tool, “LiftOver”. Users can freely visualize the frequency of genomic variations in geographical maps, and selective regions in Genome Browser. The sheepVar will continuously update and will provide high-quality Structure Variations (SVs) data using the PacBio HiFi sequencing in the near future. We hope the huge catalog of genetic variation can be used as a benchmark resource for ovine variants and can be easily applied to sheep breeding research.

Data Statistics

Genes: 31,438
SNPs: 83,386,952
InDels: 7,431,351
Samples: 1,116
Wild species: 7 wild relatives
Breeds: 135 domestic breeds
Selected regions: 6,193


  • We collect 64 wild sheep samples and 1052 domestic sheep samples.
  • We provide two ways to view SNPs and indels, one is interactive tables and geographical maps, and the other is Gbrowse format.
  • We estimate FROH values to evaluate the genomic diversity of each breed.
  • We provide a comprehensive reference panel of sheep breeds for genotype imputation.

Wild Relatives: 64
Europe: 118
Oceania: 76
America: 13
Africa: 240
Central And West Asia: 64
Southern And Southeast Asia: 15
East Asia: 517
Northern Asia: 9