Welcome to Pig Pan-genome Database

Sus scrofa (i.e., pig or swine) is of enormous agricultural importance and an attractive model for biomedical research and applications. Pig pan-genome is composed of 2.4 Gb Duroc genome (Sscrofa11.1) which was assembled by the third-generation sequencing technology and 72.5 Mb pan-sequences from 11 important European and Chinese local pig varieties. The pan-genome provides a rich data set for scientific community, which would promote the development of pig genome.


release panPig_v1.dna.tar.gz (783M)

release pan-sequences.fa.gz (21M)

release pan-sequences.gff.tar.gz (948K)

release panPig.CNVR.gz (6.0M)

release panPig.trans.gz (4.4M)

release Male-specific.fq.gz (3.0M)

release pan-sequences.location.gz (596K)

For publication of results please cite the following article:

Tian X, Li R, Fu W, et al. Building a sequence map of the pig pan-genome from multiple de novo assemblies and Hi-C data[J]. Science China. Life sciences, 2020, 63(5):750-763.