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Galbase is a chicken multi-omics database that hosts reference genomes, annotations, high-quality genetic variants, transcriptomes, histone modifications, open chromatin regions, GWAS, and QTL. Galbase allows users to retrieve genomic variations in geographical maps, gene expression in heatmaps, and epigenomic signal in peak patterns, and also provides modules for batch annotation of genes, regions, and loci based on multi-layered omics data. Galbase integrated the UCSC Genome Browser, the WashU Epigenome Browser, BLAT, BLAST, and LiftOver, to facilitate search and visualize sequence features. Galbase will provide new insights into exploring functional studies and will be of great promise to research communities in chicken.

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  • We provide 928 chicken genome samples of different varieties, indigenous populations, and ecotypes.
  • We provide two ways to view SNPs and indels, one is interactive tables and geographical maps, and the other is Gbrowse format.
  • We provide gene expression level using 429 RNA-seq data covering 44 tissues.
  • We provide cis-regulatory elements using 379 epigenomes representing different modification makers (H3K4me3, H3K27ac, H3K4me1, H3K27me3, CTCF, and ATAC-seq).
  • We provide 15,275 QTLs and 7,526 associations from AnimalQTLdb, GWAS Atlas, and literature resources.

Flow Chart

Red jungle fowl
      (G. g. gallus,
      G. g. spadiceus,
      G. g. jabouillei,
      G. g. murghi,
      G. g. bankiva)

Domestic chicken
      (47 breeds)