Chicken, an important worldwide farmed animal, having the largest number and diverse morphology, not only serve as a good source of protein in our daily life but also used as a model organism for developmental biology, evolutionary genomics and basic medical research. Here, we developed a comprehensive chicken muti-omics database, Galbase, for providing five main functionalities: variation search, gene expression search, epigenomics search, phenotypic search, and a series of useful tools. In current version, Galbase contains 21,672,487 SNPs and 2,708,244 indels derived from 928 resequencing data of 47 domestic breeds and five subspecies of red jungle fowl. 429 transcriptome data and 379 epigenomic data were also integrated to identify gene expression pattern and cis-regulatory elements. We also collected 15,275 QTL entries and 7,526 associations manually curated from AnimalQTLdb, GWAS Atlas, and literature resources. Collectively, all these characteristics will make Galbase be a useful archive for in-depth analysis in biological research and breeding.

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