Jiang's Laboratory for Agricultural Animal Omics Data

The lab interests lie in the evolutionary and comparative genomics of agriculture important animals and crops. In order to explore the agronomic traits related genes and causative variations, explain their molecular mechanism then support breeding, we systemly screen all of the functional variations and report candidates. Firstly, We generate the pan-genome, get large-scale re-sequencing, ATAC-seq, Chip-seq, and RNA-seq data from worldwide breeds and their wild relatives for functional variation screening and annotation. Then, we investigate the candidate causative variations leading to agronomic traits which experienced strong nature or artificial selection, using GWAS/QTL studies combined with evolutionary and comparative genomics tools and methods. We also do experiment confirmation for some innovative genotypic and phenotypic changes in evolution and domestication.
  Our current major area of interest is focused on ruminant livestock and their foregut fermentation system, the rumen, which represents the world’s extraordinarily efficient stomach using microbial flora to ferment the feed. We try to reveal the genetic basis of the rumen and its microbial ecosystem, and finally develop a bionic machine of artificial rumen combined with milk reactor as facilitating the conversion of lignocellulose-rich plant materials, of low value in the human diet, to high value animal protein and lipid.